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A Kind Word
Dearest Mundane,

Hold your head high, your sadness is not an insult to you. That you feel so deeply can only be a sign of such empathy. But if I could be a fairy godmother for you, Mundane, I would. This will not last forever, have courage and you will see it through, I assure you. The sadness will pass, it all will.

And please do not be concerned for me. While it would be nice to see my... to see Kit once more, I do not worry for him. He is far more capable than I, and he is surely rising to any challenge put in front of him. As must we. This game... we both know that it is not quite for me, though I do appreciate the thought. You have two already happily situated there, allow them the time. I can wait.

As always,

Your friend,


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On Having Finally Seen the Movie

Mundane! Mundane! 

I know, I'm very happy that you enjoyed it so much as well, and it would be wonderful to see any of my friends, but we must be calm and kind, mustn't we? You're running along so fast I can barely catch a breath. Though I would be lying if I did not admit my own giddiness in all of this. To see the story I know told in such a way... I can't scarcely believe it! 

But you understand it, don't you? Kindness is what is needed most. Have courage, dear mun, and be kind, and you will find your way in life.

Your Ella.
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Probably Looking Forward to this Movie too Much...

Oh, Mundane! 

My movie isn't even out yet! It won't be out in your country for quite a while, isn't that just what you were grumbling about earlier? It's not that I'm not grateful for you for making me this account - and yes, your friend does make wonderful icons - I just can't help but thinking you might be rushing into things a little bit? 

Yes, I did notice what date you gave me as my birthday. I think the nod is a lovely thing to do and, how did you put it? A good in-joke? I ... don't know if I quite understand that, but if it makes you happy then I'm sure it must be a good thing. Though... I don't understand why you keep calling Kit 'the King in the North'. We don't live in the North, Mundane.

I really do hope the movie lives up to your hopes. It would be a shame if it didn't. I am hoping we can become good friends, Mundane, and if my movie doesn't make you happy, well, that might not happen. So I shall hope the movie is good as well.

Until then,


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