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Probably Looking Forward to this Movie too Much...

Oh, Mundane! 

My movie isn't even out yet! It won't be out in your country for quite a while, isn't that just what you were grumbling about earlier? It's not that I'm not grateful for you for making me this account - and yes, your friend does make wonderful icons - I just can't help but thinking you might be rushing into things a little bit? 

Yes, I did notice what date you gave me as my birthday. I think the nod is a lovely thing to do and, how did you put it? A good in-joke? I ... don't know if I quite understand that, but if it makes you happy then I'm sure it must be a good thing. Though... I don't understand why you keep calling Kit 'the King in the North'. We don't live in the North, Mundane.

I really do hope the movie lives up to your hopes. It would be a shame if it didn't. I am hoping we can become good friends, Mundane, and if my movie doesn't make you happy, well, that might not happen. So I shall hope the movie is good as well.

Until then,


[[Also available on Dear_Player]]
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